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What is WhatsApp Marketing: Tips and Tools

Give a boost to your business with exclusive benefits of WhatsApp marketing

Nowadays almost every business that has established online or planning to do the same must establish direct connection with customers. There is no better choice than ‎WhatsApp marketing to create strong customer and client relationships. Whatsapp Acts as channels where businesses can generate more leads and retain the existing ones. In this article we are going to share a few questions regarding WhatsApp business marketing and answers related to it.

What is whatsapp marketing?

whatsapp is one of the most preferable chatting platforms around the world. Almost every single android and iOS mobile has WhatsApp application that makes instant chatting absolutely possible for free of cost. WhatsApp marketing in simple terms refers to a separate mobile app that works for businesses only. It delivers real-time data to customers and is somewhat different from the original WhatsApp. The users must know that there is a difference between the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp business. It requires a business profile, product catalog, broadcast list and other important points so that you can be more professional.

What are the benefits of whatsapp marketing?

WhatsApp already has a great user base and that is what makes it easy to get connected with potential clients and customers. Indeed WhatsApp is a famous social media platform across the world because of which you do not need to deploy any other marketing tool alongside. WhatsApp Business guarantees Marketing with above average clicks

  1. Improved sales at lower marketing cost
  2.  Better conversion rate
  3. Long-term customer and client relationship

How to develop a whatsapp marketing campaign?

Only strong WhatsApp marketing can bring you leads and business growth. Here is what you can do to create an empowering WhatsApp campaign

Whatsapp marketing is only successful when you deploy the correct strategy and tactics. Here is what you can do to achieve your goals and expand your business through the best application.

  1. Defining business goals is the first step where you need to focus on meaningful things.  Approach customers through customized WhatsApp text messages to retain and extend them.
  2. You must know your target audience before making efforts and taking any action. You can extract details from social media, Google analytics and Facebook. A couple of tools are enough to identify the customer characteristics and demographics.
  3. WhatsApp business requires you to create a business profile with your full address and automated reply message. You must also organize the customer chat properly so that managing sales in a funnel is easier.
  4. Customer support is a must when you plan to start a business. The major purpose of WhatsApp marketing is to find out customer grievances, demands and requirements directly. You must optimally use the platform to find out such things and provide more satisfaction.
  5. Put the profile picture of a business and deal in a way which appears professional. The customers should never feel as if they’re dealing with a chat bot or any specific individual. They must get a complete feel of dealing with some kind of profession
  6. Create a contact list from where you can grab new contacts and convergence.
  7. Adopt a reinforcing message by using impressive emoji, animation and videos as a part of WhatsApp marketing. Do not just promote your product but keep your customers in loop by at least sending 5 to 10 messages every seven days
  8. The graphically designed messages are more interesting and fascinating. You must also try to give discounts and special offers to customers who are dealing with you on WhatsApp business

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WhatsApp Marketing Tips

Quick service

Each and every Customer needs to be attended very quickly if you want to have better growth. WhatsApp business is a great way to find out customer grievances and ensure that you are serving them accurately and dedicatedly.

Consumers survey

WhatsApp Business is one of the easiest ways to find out preferences and choices of your customers. You can conduct an online survey where customers can state their feedback and requirements more elaborately.

Send personalized message

It’s time to grab The attention of customers by sending Personalized messages that consist of their name or email ID. People are never willing To receive Messages from chat bots and broadcasts. WhatsApp personalized messages that have certain offers and specific discounts for customers result in better opening.

Create attractive promotion

Sending promotional offers to your customers that appear enticing on the first look itself is very important. Whatever product you are planning to sell should quickly take away customer attention either through related details or through the appropriate promotion. For example you can share Summer Clothing tips if you are a fashion brand for fashion. Similarly, you can share recipes in case you are planning to sell some kind of oil or food products.

Popular WhatsApp Marketing Softwares & Tools

You have to keep the existing WhatsApp laws in loop if you are planning to promote your product. Whatsapp business works better with the help of WhatsApp marketing tools and software that we have shared here-

  1. Whatso
  2. GUpshup
  3. Zoko
  4. Vepaar
  5. User.com
  6. Web engage
  7. Mtalkz
  8. Net Core

Example of Whatsapp marketing

Absolut vodka

One of the brands that reaped earliest success using Whatsapp Business was the Swedish company absolut vodka. It derived a massive global audience by using correct WhatsApp strategies.

Adidas – hundred percent unfair pred

Company has been using WhatsApp Business since 2015 to answer queries and promote products. It also uses live chats and influence marketing techniques.

Financial times

During 2019, Financial Times started posting two free articles on a daily basis. It allowed it to gain more conversions than other social media platforms. WhatsApp business generated better brand awareness altogether.


One of the best Mayonnaise brands made success possible by using a WhatsApp campaign. A team of professional chefs was hired to reach out audiences at a global level.


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