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How to select best web hosting plan?


Hosting is a service where your web files are uploaded to a server which is connected to the internet. Which people will be able to see?

There are three types of hosting

1. Shared hosting

In this type of web hosting, a server is shared by many users, and this option itself has many variations. This is good for users who don’t want to spend a lot of money on web hosting plans and don’t mind traffic and data transfer limitations of the shared plan.

2. Virtual hosting

This gives the user an independent virtual space on the web hosting server. This plan is great for businesses that want more power than shared hosting, but don’t want the much more costly dedicated web hosting.

3. Dedicated hosting

This web hosting plan is both powerful and pricey; it is reserved for sites that experience incredibly high levels of traffic per day. Bloggers and small businesses do not need this type of web hosting plan.

Factors of choose the best web hosting plan


Bandwidth is equally important. Low bandwidth means your site will hang when a large number of people visit your website simultaneously. Especially if your website has some server-end calculation feature, the impact will be more. The same might happen if you have heavy resources that people will download


Space is important. If you go for a small space, you will need to upgrade soon. If you will host lots of videos, the space will run out soon. Cloud based web hosting plans with automatic upgrades are good if you are likely to grow fast.


This is the time out of 100, for which your website will be available to visitors. Even the smallest web hosting services these days claim to have uptime of 99.9%. But this much uptime means the site is likely to be down for 0.1 hour out of 100 hours or 10 minutes in a week. That may not be good for your site, so go for a higher number such as 99.9995.


Your website must have a basic level of security so that your data is not leaked and the users do not get an ‘insecure website’ warning on their browsers. See whether the web hosting provider that you are selecting gives you a free SSL certification? If not, how much does he charge you for a basic level of SSL security? Will he keep charging you year after year for that?

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